Belamcanda chinensis

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garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberry

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Inhibition of prostaglandin E2 production by the isoflavones tectorigenin and tectoridin isolated from the rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis.
Tectorigenin and other phytochemicals extracted from leopard lily Belamcanda chinensis affect new and established targets for therapies in prostate cancer.
The lily-like flowers of Belamcanda chinensis are grown in temperate-region gardens as a perennial.
Inhibitory effects of lrigenin from the rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis on nitric oxide and prostaglandin E(2) production in murine macrophage RAW 264.
Isoflavonoids from the Rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis and Their Effects on Aldose Reductase and Sorbitol Accumulation in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rat Tissues.
Belamcanda chinensis (BC) belongs to the family of iridaceae and some isoflavones and isoflavone glucuronides have been isolated from this plant (Liu et al.
Separation and identification of chemical compositions from cultivated Belamcanda chinensis.
Isorhapontigenin (Iso; see structure below) is one of the active compounds isolated from the roots of Belamcanda chinensis (L.