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a logarithmic unit of sound intensity equal to 10 decibels


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Babylonian god of the earth

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From Wyoming, New South Wales, Bel met Collins through a friend in June 2014.
We have started consultation on this proposal today and it is expected that the number of roles at risk will be approximately 48 in the BEL Valves business and 46 in the BEL Engineering business.
Bel and its divisions are mostly engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics.
Toppers will also offer Bel Mondo's new eye treatment mask - Fresh Eyes - produced with the same pure bio cellulose fabric as the niche brand's full facial masks.
Stephens Inc provided financial advice to Bel in relation to the deal.
In a letter to The Irish Times, Bel appealed for common sense: "Let's keep our dignity.
To illustrate the strategic value of this acquisition, both Bel and the acquired Stewart Connector Systems are leaders in the high-growth Integrated Connector Module (ICM) market.
The facility is set up to last six years, the course of Bel Air's initial deal at Warners.
BEL has established facilities in collaboration with M/s ELOP, Israel, for manufacture of EOIR payload at its Chennai, Pune and Machilipatnam plants.
Reportedly, Bel will pay approximately USD98m in cash to acquire the ECS business, which had 2013 revenues of approximately USD83m.
com)-- Bel Essence has joined the Bel Esprit Showroom as a sponsor of showroom events and campaigns promoting ecological and ethical designers.
MORE ROMANCE: Other hotel dining rooms worth Valentine's dinner consideration include the former Diaghilev space at the Bel Age Hotel, 1020 N.
In response, Bel has issued a shareholder presentation that seeks to address these statements and clarify why now is the right time for Pulse shareholders to act.
BSTC is a portion of the Central Development & Engineering Group of BEL-Bengaluru and is the software development centre of BEL.
We believe the offer of cash or Bel common stock provides immediate liquidity to Pulse Electronics' shareholders who prefer to accept an all-cash offer and presents others with a very attractive investment opportunity to be shareholders in a combined company with a robust and flexible capital structure available for future expansion.