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(formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

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the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire

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Mr Doughty, who holds the lease for the site, told the ECHO he and Mr Speck had taken the decision to close the business and reopen as a new company, which would retain the trading name Bej, with a new manager and staff.
Bej has won awards for its vegan ice cream, so we were determined to give it a try.
We have never seen such amassed anger from parents," added Bej.
The geometrical outline of the aerodynamic profile of the blade is made analytically, by combining two mathematical functions (see Dubau, 2007 and Bej, 2003): the skeleton function and the thickness function.
For BEJ, short selling would cause an increase in transaction volume and could create a healthier market as the share movements would tend to be determined by fundamental factors of the issuers and speculative element is small.
PCR can be used to amplify genes specific to taxonomic groups of bacteria and also to detect genes involved in the virulence of food-borne bacteria (Finlay and Falkow, 1988; Bej et al.
The filly is offered by Newsells Park Stud, which is also responsible for lot 643, the first foal of the Italian Group 3 winner Oh Bej Oh Bej, by Cadeaux Genereux.
Bej AK, Mahbubani MH, Miller R, Dicesare JL, Haff L, Atlas RM.
WIRRAL'S vegetarian/ vegan restaurant Bej has opened its doors.