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Synonyms for Bethlehem

a town in eastern Pennsylvania on the Lehigh River to the northwest of Philadelphia

a small town near Jerusalem on the West Bank of the Jordan River

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As for any planned visit by the Supreme Pontiff to Lebanon, Caccia said that the Pope was scheduled to visit Oman and Beit Lahm in May; however, Lebanon has not been listed as part of the Pope's regional tour yet.
Le programme du nouveau pape est donc tout trace : revenir aux sources du christianisme tel qu'il a ete propage depuis Beit Lahm en Palestine, dans le droit chemin de Issa Ibn Mariem et ses apotres, des volontaires au service des pauvres et dont l'estime au sein de la societe etait enorme.
The settlers placed pre-fabricated mobile houses in agricultural lands near Beit Lahm (Bethlehem) with the intention of occupying the plots, the source said.
Jewish settlers set fire to a mosque in the West Bank town of Beit Fajar, located south of Beit Lahm in the West Bank, reported pan-Arab daily AL QUDS AL ARABI online Monday.
The militants tried to block the highway leading to Damascus International Airport in two fronts in Beit Lahm and Yalda in Reef (countryside of) Damascus, but the army pushed them back.