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large African antelope with long straight nearly upright horns

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Beisa uranium processing plant project in South Africa.
The Beisa oryx, native to the dry lands of North East Africa, is declining rapidly, already extinct in Eritrea and Uganda and with populations rapidly declining in Kenya.
Its protagonist is the previously mentioned Snowman, who is almost the sole survivor of a global virus developed by his best friend, Crake (aka Glenn) and the lover of both Snowman and Crake, Oryx Beisa (aka SuSu).
Samburu Intrepids is on the Uaso Nyiro River in the Samburu Game Reserve, habitat of somewhat rare wildlife such as the reticulated giraffe, long-necked gerenuk, Grevy's zebra, Beisa oryx and Somali ostrich.
as process engineer responsible for the design of South Africa's first committed full scale CIP plant at Beisa in the Orange Free State.