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(formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

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the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire

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Professor David Bailey works at Aston Business School and gave evidence to the BEIS Select Committee in its inquiry into Brexit
For the May 2016 polls, the chairperson and members of the BEIs as well as support staff members were entitled to receive a per diem of P1,000 for three days; P500 each for the verification and sealing of the Book of Voters, for the final testing and sealing of the vote counting machines, and for transportation allowance; and P2,000 for undergoing training or a total of P6,500.
By opening a new program, Rabbi Channen now combines an active Beis Midrash and dynamic on line rapport with talmidim around the world which sets Keter HaTorah apart as the premier Smicha Program.
Colmenares, who is vice-chairman of the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms, noted that voters whose ballots were rejected by the PCOS machine should insist that their votes be recorded, and that all rejected ballots must be counted by the BEI and canvassed by the Board of Canvassers.
Pauker could take the case to beis din, a rabbinical court, but neither she nor Bohrer has faith in the tribunal process.
VALENZUELA: el que remediaria el conflicto si juega beis con Chavez.
The BEIS said the Easter egg was a symbol of the Christian resurrection as it represented fertility, renewal and new life.
Without a comprehensive system, it would be impossible to configure, ship and track several thousand pieces of hardware," said Dimitris Beis, technology general manager for ATHENS 2004.
BEIS intends to appoint a contractor(s) to deliver an agreed hydrogen gas quality standard to inform the development of a range of hydrogen appliances and testing / certification capability as an integral part of the Hy4Heat programme, to de-risk the use of hydrogen for heat in UK homes and businesses.
The e4Futures project is part of a PS30m investment from BEIS to fund schemes that develop and support interaction between electric vehicles and the grid.
According to the BEIS 260 employers across the UK have failed to pay 16,000 staff the minimum wage rate.
A spokesperson for the hotel said: "Rockliffe Hall Limited is aware that, following an audit by HMRC on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), BEIS has chosen to publish the company's name in its listing of employers who have failed to pay the National Minimum Wage when the latest list is published in the next few days.
A BEIS spokesman said: "Energy firms should treat all their customers fairly and we're concerned this price rise will hit many people already on poor-value tariffs.
The BEIS says there's no reason for people to switch off their machines.
The Beis survey also revealed around a third of people (30%) were either fairly or very worried about paying their energy bills, a similar level to the same time last year, but much lower than a few years ago.