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capital and largest city of Lebanon

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The car bomb, for example, and what automobiles seemed most likely to be used as explosives, changed the way the people of Beirut related to their city, physically and psychologically reorganizing their home.
22, pop star Ragheb Alameh, who hasn't performed in Beirut since 2000, as well as Nancy Ajram and the finalists from the X-Factor will take over the stage to perform memorable hits.
The conference takes place at the invitation of Beirut First District "Free Decision" Bloc deputies.
Hizbullah will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of an arms-free Beirut because this will strengthen civil peace and prevent any (sectarian) strife," Mashnouq was quoted as saying.
Garcetti and Zine met with Beirut Mayor Abdel Monimariss and several other political and religious leaders.
The experience of students at the American University of Beirut (AUB) was unique in terms of the dangers, anxieties and fears that they had to cope with on a daily basis, and the adjustment process that they had to engage in to fashion a normal academic and social life.
5, but Beirut Mayor Bilal Hamad told The Daily Star Thursday he had no knowledge of the announcement.
On Monday, and discussing the reasons behind increasing power blackouts in different Lebanese regions, Minister Jibran Bassil suggested that one of the solutions to power rationing would be providing Beirut city with the same power supply provided to other Lebanese regions.
The Islamist organization Hizbullah announced on Wednesday that it was to boycott municipal elections in Beirut like its ally MP Michel Aoun, according to a report in the Beirut daily AN NAHAR on Thursday.
Despite lengthy, personal appeals by the two council members, the best they could get was a signed letter from the mayor welcoming Beirut as a Sister City.
Finally, the government consolidated its control over Greater Beirut (extending from the Kalb to the Damur rivers) and sent army brigades in the Spring and Summer of 1991 to claim other areas in the South, Mount Lebanon, Kisirwan, and the North.
Summary: To mark Eid al-Fitr, Downtown Beirut is hosting a three-day festival dubbed "Eid Beirut," which will run from July 17-19.
The centre of Beirut, devastated by the Lebanon civil war, has become the site of intense arguments about the nature of urban planning and the relationships of built fabric to human life.
In July 1947, the Maronite Archbishop of Beirut, Ignatiyus Mubarak, presented a memorandum to the UN Special Committee on Palestine in which he declared that "to consider Palestine and Lebanon as parts of the Arab world would amount to a denial of history.
Currently the Beirut correspondent for the London Independent, Fisk has covered the Iranian revolution, the Iran-Iraq war, the Persian Gulf war, and the conflict in Algeria.