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capital of the People's Republic of China in the Hebei province in northeastern China

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In the face of outrageous Taiwan independence-splittist activities we must make necessary preparations to resolutely crush Taiwan independence-splittist plots," said Li Weiyi, a spokesman for Communist China's Taiwan Affairs Office, at a news conference in Beijing.
Although SARS case reporting started in early April 2003 in Beijing, the accuracy of SARS daily case reporting in Beijing before April 21 was questioned (16); thus our analysis for Beijing was based on case numbers from April 21 to May 15, 2003.
This agreement creates an important alliance for Beijing Med-Pharm with Alliance Boots, a global leader in pharmaceutical distribution, and highlights the appeal of our expertise in the Chinese pharmaceuticals marketplace to Western partners," said Gao.
But Leung's most influential work in bringing about a convergence between Beijing and California's business elite was performed behind the scenes.
For instance, if our hypothesis that the selective advantage of the Beijing genotype in Vietnam is due to its association with drug resistance is accurate, then no association with young age and recent transmission would be expected in situations where the Beijing genotype has not (yet) acquired these high levels of drug resistance.
In addition, Air China will offer one round-trip flight on February 16 from Beijing to Kaohsiung.
In the original description of the Beijing family of strains in 1995, Beijing genotype isolates were found in 7 (37%) of 19 Thai isolates (5).
Omnicorp will be the basic provider of technologies to AEP for the Asian Market and Beijing allied for the Chinese market.
The Beijing Action Plan for the 2008 Olympic Games, made public last April, reveals many improvements China expects to make by 2007.
What the radical feminists wanted the Beijing document to do was to protect and make respectable a way of life which is disordered and scientifically unhealthy.
By mid-summer 1468, the clerk, Shi Huizong, had just begun the last leg of a nearly thousand-mile journey from his hometown, Fuqing County, in the southeastern coastal province of Fujian to the capital in Beijing.
Beijing has also announced its intent to suspend more than two dozen civil liberties in the Hong Kong charter when it takes control of that island.
Although this event signified a diplomatic victory for Beijing, it has increased mistrust across the Taiwan Strait and may hinder reunification of the two Chinas.
We are pleased to offer this dedicated Beijing - Sapporo non-stop service," said Mrs.
2015 marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Beijing Marathon.
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