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The papulopustular lesion/arthritis cluster of Behcet's syndrome also clusters in families.
A skin biopsy of one of the pustular lesions showed neutrophils within the deep reticular dermis in an interstitial pattern consistent with unusual folliculitis reaction of Behcet's syndrome.
I accept the evidence that this was a cheerful and happy lady who was full of life and accept she suffered from Behcet's Syndrome, a condition which at times can make life unbearable.
It is suggested that Behcet's syndrome be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of intracardiac thrombus.
The spectrum of nervous system involvement in Behcet's syndrome and its differential diagnosis.
Yazici, director of the Seligman Center for Advanced Therapeutics and Behcet's Syndrome Evaluation, Treatment, and Research Center at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases.
Rarely, recurrent mouth ulcers may be due to anaemia, a deficiency of either vitamin B or folic acid, an intestinal disorder such as Crohn's disease or coeliac disease, or Behcet's syndrome, a rare disorder of the autoimmune system.
Evereklioglu C, Inaloz HS, Kirtak N et al: Serum leptin concentration is increased in patients with Behcet's syndrome and is correlated with disease activity.
A year ago, Richards was diagnosed with Behcet's Syndrome, a disease that's rare in the United States and that had caused ulcers on her lips and lesions on her legs and left her feeling fatigued.
Nine chapters are new to this edition, on cytokine inhibitors, potential biologic therapies, pain mechanisms and management, vasculitis classification, Wegener's and anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis, polyarteritis nodosa and microscopic polyarterities, hypersensitivity vasculitis, Behcet's syndrome, and other vasculitis syndromes.
Behcet's Syndrome Coexisting With Clinically Occult Ankylosing Spondylitis
Three additional patients of hers presented with symptoms very similar to the other six but were eventually diagnosed with early Behcet's syndrome, she said.
Vascular endothelial function and oxidative stress mechanisms in patients with Behcet's syndrome.