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an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior

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Living with Wolves was established by David Egan, highly qualified canine behaviouralist and dog trainer.
HE WALKS THE WALK: American human behaviouralist David Lieberman says men who walk along with a general attitude ooze sex appeal.
A similar criticism was formulated by Henning Meyer who pointed out that the focus on interest politics associated with 'Third Way' big tent strategies was wrong because it was based on a rather simplistic behaviouralist view of the voter as utility maximiser (on this point see also David Marquand and Neal Lawson).
Informed by assumptions in behaviouralist psychology, research on resilience tends to focus on the conditions that enable the development of coping strategies.
American political science was heavily influenced by the behaviouralist revolution of the 1950s and it has become a dominant feature of the discipline there.