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Synonyms for behavior

the manner in which one behaves

the way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions

Synonyms for behavior

the action or reaction of something (as a machine or substance) under specified circumstances

(psychology) the aggregate of the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism in any situation

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advances of the associated and behaviour in "For that reason, behavioural problems are an essential target for prevention efforts and our study advances understanding of the brain regions associated with aggressive and antisocial behaviour in youths.
A score of 10 and above indicates that a child has behavioural problems.
The children with the fewest behavioural problems were children whose mothers changed jobs the least and had the most rewarding jobs.
But the experts admitted they still did not know whether lack of sleep was the cause of behavioural problems, or the effect.
Research suggests that the roots of enduring behavioural problems often extend back into the preschool years.
The results showed that 16 % of formula-fed children and 6% of breast-fed children were given abnormal scores indicating behavioural problems.
Those children exposed to mobile phones in the womb and then in early childhood were 50% more likely to have behavioural problems aged seven than youngsters exposed to neither.
It presents a 15-year longitudinal study of 85 white ethnic Norwegian adolescents with severe behavioural problems.
Researchers from United Kingdom studied 89 children aged between three and six years (including 43 snorers and 46 non-snorers) to find out the emotional and behavioural problems and sleep and cognitive performance in snoring and non-snoring pre-schoolers.
Children with sleep disturbances are often at a higher risk of further psychological, social and medical problems, and excessive daytime fatigue is responsible for significant impairments in school performance and behavioural problems in about 10% of schoolchildren.
MOTHERS who suffer anxiety during pregnancy are more likely to have children with emotional and behavioural problems.
A school for youngsters with behavioural problems has been criticised for allowing pupils to smoke in the playground.
He says he uses his own brand of animal magic to cure their behavioural problems.
Ceva currently markets a selegiline product in Europe known as Selgian(R), which is indicated for the treatment of behavioural problems of emotional origin in dogs.
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