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an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior

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Worth are two of the most dog-friendly cities in the US, we felt dog owners in these cities needed somewhere they can go to get help, even when they do not have the money to hire a trainer or behaviorist,” said Juan Faura, the host of Paw Talk.
Several events feature board-certified veterinary behaviorists available to answer pet owner questions.
In order to ensure generalization, behaviorists found that they must reinforce/punish behavior in each setting they want/do not want the behavior to occur.
John Kirtland, Ringling's executive director of animal stewardship and an animal behaviorist by training, says the CEC's and IEF's efforts are still a "work in progress," although the commitment is there.
Although I am a strict behaviorist in the Skinnerian tradition, I
In these 34 articles published since 1977, behaviorists describe how they think and conduct research.
Traffic scientists, specialists in nonlinear systems, and animal behaviorists have cooperated in a study of one of the natural geniuses of transportation engineering: the black garden ant of Europe.
Animal behaviorists hope to fix whatever is causing the pacing - not just mask it with chemicals.
Years of research went into the development of the secondnature(R) Total Training Program, which was created in conjunction with Purina's staff of dog breeders, trainers and behaviorists.
Phil Johnson of Granite Bay, California didn't know about board-certified veterinary behaviorists.
Behaviorists wrestling with the problem of describing and explaining play haven't paid much attention to reptiles, Burghardt says.
This has helped fuel a new breed of service providers including pet behaviorists who treat unruly pet behavior and training programs for pet hotel operators, pet butlers, pet sitters, pet massage therapists, pet communicators and pet travel agents.
Behaviorists have long leaned toward the opinion that barking doesn't carry specific information but serves as a general attention getter, much like a person calling, "Hey there.
Within the pages, Garfield, with help from two of the nation's leading animal behaviorists, "teaches" cat owners how the "wisest" of all species communicates its wishes.
Psychologists take opposing views of how external rewards, from warm praise to cold cash, affect motivation and creativity Behaviorists, who study the relation between actions and their consequences, argue that rewards can boost performance at work and school.