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an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior

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When combined, continuous behavioral analysis and compiled behavioral biometric data deliver far more intelligence than traditionally available without interrupting the user's experience.
The subject of the public contract is to supply two (2) independent systems (one designed for laboratory mice, the other designed for laboratory rats, installed in different rooms unrelated) for indirect calorimetry and behavioral analysis and quantification of food intake, water and spontaneous physical activity, further specified in tender documents, which are part of the instrumentation project BIOCEV module phenotyping.
Applied behavioral analysis (ABA), an established intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders, involves a combination of strategies such as positive reinforcement, video modeling, and peer-mediated interventions.
Under an agreement signed June 18 in the Persian Gulf city, the school for children with autism will later this year open the first of eight classrooms providing instruction based on a method called applied behavioral analysis.
In May 2002, the District Attorney's Office presented this case to the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC), an entity within the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG).
Cybersecurity firm DB Networks has spearheaded an approach to database security that is radically different -- using machine learning and behavioral analysis in combination with continuous monitoring of database traffic to immediately and effectively identify both known and unknown database attacks.
Brett Helm, CEO of DB Networks said, Through the partnership, Intersec Worldwide customers gain access to next-generation continuous core network monitoring and database activity behavioral analysis products.
uses his 39 years of experience as a forensic behavioral analysis to examine the early sexual motivations, psychopathy and sexual disorders that drive most serial killers toward a life of crime.
Some examples include tactical crime analysis, deployment, risk assessment, behavioral analysis, DNA analysis, homeland security, and Internet/infrastructure protection.
NuDetect's enhanced features put powerful anti-fraud tools, based on continuous behavioral analysis and compiled behavioral biometric data, into organizations' hands.
This program is a highly structured one, utilizing applied behavioral analysis, whose aim is preparation for mainstreaming in the regular classroom.
Special Agent Schafer is assigned to the FBI'S Lancaster, California, resident office and also series as a member of the FBI'S National Security Division's Behavioral Analysis Program.
The use of automated behavioral analysis technology for the proactive identification of security threats is the future of urban area security initiatives," says John Frazzini, BRS LABS President.
We are very honored to be recognized by the Info Security Products Guide team for our contribution to behavioral analysis based cybersecurity," said Brett Helm, Chairman and CEO of DB Networks.
The latter include a survey of the converging movements and studies of developmental systems and psychological science, cognitivism and the schema of "perception-and-cognition," the narrative turn in social psychology, "Q" methodology and naturalistic subjectivity and behavioral analysis.
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