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the branch of zoology that studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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The subject matter experts will cover issues such as radiation exposure, animal physiology, animal behavior, animal rescue and evacuation techniques, animal decontamination, animal sheltering and husbandry, wildlife habitat and rehabilitation, and human responder safety.
Among the topics of particular sessions are local breeds, the practical implementation of marker-assisted selection in pig and poultry breeding, the physiology and genetics of stress and behavior, animal nutrition free communications, health issues and immuno-competence in pig production, biosecurity and free-range systems, and emerging zoonotic diseases.
Table 1 compares the literature discussed in this synthesis based on the animal characteristics examined in each study (animal behavior, animal geographic origin and type, and animal size and appearance) and whether the characteristic made a difference in the dependent measure of each study.
An ethologist studies (animal behavior, animal diseases).
To be able to mimic such a behavior, animal models must be adapted to include the particular sociocultural situation.
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