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(Roman Catholic Church) a member of a lay sisterhood (one of several founded in the Netherlands in the 12th and 13th centuries)

music written in the bolero rhythm of the beguine dance

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a ballroom dance that originated in the French West Indies

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Amazingly, many beguine communities survived for a long time despite oppression, wars, the plague, and other human and natural disasters.
Beguines lived lives of prayer and service, and where, when and how they lived these lives depended very much on their personal circumstances and surroundings.
Begin the Beguine has been recorded countless times by artists as varied as Perry Como, Ella Fitzgerald and Smokey Robinson.
Although his title evokes the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan, a late medieval writer who celebrated extraordinary women from history and literature, Simons concentrates on the mostly inconspicuous and ordinary women who became beguines in the thirteenth through sixteenth centuries.
Cities of Ladies: Beguine Communities in the Medieval Low Countries, 1200-1565.
Special emphasis is placed on the combination of contemplative and active life in the beguine philosophy.
Colors provide the title of each chapter, such as Paris Green, Beguine Blue, Rhinoceros Black, and Lilac Haze, allowing the reader to experience an almost mystical and medieval view of time and place through the prism of color.
Little documented, but central to island identity, are the genres of popular music (as typified in the sounds of the beguine, jazz, and zouk) and traditional music (as typified in the sound of carnival in general and the gwo ka and bele drums in particular).
On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Begin The Beguine, Somebody Loves Me, 'S Wonderful, Love Me Or Leave Me, I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, It Only Happens When I Dance With You, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, I Don't Know Why, plus 8 other great songs.
During this festival, professional chefs and skilled amateurs parade in traditional Creole costumes, dance the beguine through the narrow streets of Pointe-a-Pitre and then show off their culinary skills during this all-day feast.
Too Darn Hot," "All of You," "Begin the Beguine," "Now You Has Jazz" are just a few of the hit Cole Porter songs consumers will be singing when Warner Home Video (WHV) raises the curtain on its new "Classic Musicals Collection" with the release of five, must-see favorites featuring the songs of this legendary composer.
Ever since Julio conquered the UK in 1981 with his #1 Pop Hit of Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguine (Volver A Empezar)," he has courted the English-speaking segment of his audience with an ever-expanding repertoire.
Favourites such as As I Love You and Begin the Beguine, coupled with new arrangements of some of his own songs such as Joanna, will be a nostalgic step back to the past for this multi-talented singer.
The 68-year old Spaniard hit Number 1 with Begin The Beguine in November 1981.
The French-bred was always in control and accounted for Lucky Beguine by a length and a quarter.