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I also have to have my begonia blooms perfect for Ayr Flower Show.
You can buy eight Begonia Apricot Cascades for PS9.
When sitcom character Hyacinth Bucket wasn't tending to her hyacinths, it was the begonias she was encouraging, wishing to adorn her home with a greater oriferous display than her neighbour's.
beauty: Begonias DESPITE our familiarity with the species, they are in fact wonderfully exotic.
If scent is important, try "Fragrant Falls" and if you're still wondering what to buy Mum for Mothering Sunday tomorrow, I'd suggest Begonia Odorata or "Mother's Day" - a fragrant variety with double white flowers with a touch of pink blush.
Please send cheques and postal orders, made payable to Mr Fothergill's, to People Begonia Offer (PEO010315), Mr Fothergill's, Western Avenue, Matrix Park, Chorley, Lancs, PR7 7NB and clearly state your name and address.
Impatience -- whether old fashion Patient Lucy, the newer New Guinea, or the newest SunPatiens -- have been move-indoors plants as long and as successfully as begonias.
When I started I approached the National Begonia Society for members here in the North East.
Emily Richardson, by email AIF these are fibrous-rooted begonias they may be in need of a boost.
The selection includes today's most popular annuals, including Begonias, SunPatiens[R], Petchoa and Petunias.
Begonias are popular especially trailing Bonfire and Million Kisses.
WE are also offering some other great plant offers: Offer 1: Trailing Begonia You'll get show-stopping, tumbling displays with these fantastically easy, colourful Begonias.
Meanwhile, at ARS in Toledo, horticulturist Jonathan Frantz is collaborating with Susan Stieve, curator of Ohio State University's Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center in Columbus, in studies of begonias.
Rex begonias are best grown in bright, indirect light in a location that is free of drafts.
And among plants with showy foliage, the fancy-leaf or rex begonias have no rival.