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Synonyms for Begoniaceae

monoecious succulent herbs or shrubs of tropical and warm regions especially America

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In Begoniaceae the perianth and/or the inferior, winged ovary is often asymmetric (Eichler, 1878; Fang et al.
Assis (Assis, 2003); Araceae, Anthurium gomesianum Nadruz (Nadruz, 2006); Begoniaceae, Begonia aguiabrancensis L.
Comparative floral structure and systematics in Cucurbitales (Corynocarpaceae, Coriariaeeae, Datiscaceae, Tetraruelaeeae, Begoniaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Anisophyileaceae).
Pollination-by-deceit mechanisms have been recorded, since the 19th century, in some species within the families, Araceae, Aristolochiaceae, Begoniaceae, Saxifragaceae etc.
Epigynous perianth characterizes the fin-winged fruits of Aizoaceae, Apiaceae, Begoniaceae, Burmanniaceae, Combretaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Lecythidiaceae, Haloragaceae, Hernandiaceae, Onagraceae, and Styracaceae.