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Oregon men's tennis signee Kevin Farin won the doubles portion of the Begium F1 Futures in Brussels, Belgium, on Friday, June 21st.
Increase in student literacy scores associated with a one unit increase in the OECD's index of Economic, Social and Cultural Status OECD average 38 New Zealand 52 France 51 Hungary 48 Austria 48 Begium 47 Czech Rep 46 Australia 46 United Kingdom 44 Germany 44 Sweden 43 Israel 43 United States 42 Slovak Republic 41 Switzerland 40 Luxembourg 40 Japan 40 Slovenia 39 Poland 39 Ireland 39 Netherlands 37 Norway 36 Denmark 36 Greece 34 Korea 32 Italy 32 Canada 32 Finland 31 Chile 31 Portugal 30 Turkey 29 Spain 29 Estonia 29 Iceland 27 Mexico 25 Source: OECD (2010), PISA 2009 Results: Overcoming Social Background: Equity in Learning Opportunities and Outcomes, Vol.
Six members of the MI Racing squad are competing in Begium over the next few weeks in a programme which includes the ICF World Championships.
Ferndew is a new firm importing quality frozen food from Holland, Begium and Germany.
One of the co-founders of NUR Macroprinters, Ben-Porat moves to this position following several years as Managing Director of NUR Europe in Begium, which sells and supports the company's printers throughout the continent and in the UK.