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a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)

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Whether a Perjur'd Pillory'd Thief, Begger, Fool or Knave, be not as good Evidence against a Whig, as against a Papist?
At Wave Hill I saw a lot of new galvanised iron in a shed, yet the huts of the natives begger [sic] description.
Brome's 1640 personation in The Court Begger of Suckling and Davenant is here read in the context of Davenant's attempts to secure the Cockpit; it is hostile to courtly poetics as well as to individuals.
In this case it appears to be one role for one and begger the rest of us.
Other standouts include Jayme Rubenstein's marvelous flourish as rival barber Adolfo Pirelli; Danny Kircher's Tobias Ragg (movingly singing "Not While I'm Around"); Al Dano's corrupt Judge Turpin; Brian Higgins' obsequious Beadle Bamford; and Donna Wresinski's emotionally tattered Begger Woman.
In a 10-hour shift a professional begger could bag EUR133.
Services at Social Welfare Office Begger Home Lampur Delhi.
The voluble dogs also competed in Best Begger, Best Kisser, Owner-Look-Alike and Best Popcorn Catcher contests.
She got stuck in the window frame and is said to have cried: "Yo' daft begger.
Some recent decisions by certain officials begger belief.
FLAG DAY: John Spencer (left) and David Frost (third from left), of the Chamber, welcome Swedish visitors (from left) Soren Mellberg, Per Begger and Tomas Rosander
Christian Begger, Head of ZAO/IT-AC Administration & IT-Controlling at SE-dzucker AG commented, With the introduction of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, we are able to adapt our Mobile Device Management architecture to our specific requirements.
There I was at Sainsbury's, Shorehead, on Friday afternoon, with a full trolley and my 21-month-old son when begger me, but a security guard who works at the store got in the car parked at the side of me