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September 14: The Beggartick Moon is new at 9:29 a.
September 21: The Beggartick Moon enters its second quarter at
family Asteraceae) is an annual plant, 30-100 cm in height with yellow flowers (common names include threelobe beggarticks, water agrimony and Burr marigold).
5: The first of the beggarticks and bur marigolds bloom in the wetlands.
30: When the last of the garden phlox die back, then ragweed time winds down and the year's final tier of wildflowers is budding: beggarticks, bur marigolds, asters and zigzag goldenrod.
Lamb's quarter, beggarticks, pigweed, and amaranth sprout, and the first periwinkle petals unfold throughout Pennsylvania.
On the eastern horizon, Aquila rising tells of the beggarticks, lobelias and willow herbs of August.
28th: Asters, beggarticks, and goldenrod start to disappear; their departure parallels the leaf fall, the end of the insect season, the end of the Spiderweb season, acceleration in bird migration, everything seeming to unravel at once.
The first beggarticks, hog peanuts, bur marigolds and asters flower.
White and violet asters, orange beggarticks, burr marigolds, tall goldenrod, zigzag goldenrod and Japanese knotweed come into bloom, blending with the brightest of the purple ironweed, yellow sundrops, blue chicory, golden touch-me-nots, showy coneflowers and great blue lobelia.
Beggarticks unfold their small golden flowers in the second-last week of late summer, coming into bloom as Judas maples multiply.