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  • verb

Synonyms for beg



Synonyms for beg

to ask or ask for as charity

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for beg

call upon in supplication

make a solicitation or entreaty for something

dodge, avoid answering, or take for granted

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I beg to differ with the Newark MP, yet Prince Harry (incidentally ginger-haired) will escape Mercer's fate after that "Paki" and "raghead" video nasty.
WE KEEP being told that there is a global economic crisis and people won't be spending as much at Christmas as they tighten their belts but I beg to differ.
07), I know this is a popular opinion but I beg to differ.
I have to beg to differ as I was born across the Welsh border from Oswestry at Moelfre near Llansilin and moved to and was educated in Oswestry.
I BEG to differ with Tony Blair when he says there is a moral case to remove Saddam Hussein - by war if necessary.
In regard to your article about the greatness Gray Davis has done for gays in California, I beg to differ.
I beg to differ with the anonymous author of the archdiocesan release of October 1, regarding the intention of those who protested the choice of John Turner as Chair of the Cardinal's Dinner.
Well, I beg to differ - our presence there makes it less safe for us all.
I beg to differ that Huddersfield Town has the proudest history in the lower two divisions.
HEATHROW Terminal Five staff might beg to differ but the i-Trak case on wheels, from camping and outdoor experts Blacks, is virtually impossible to lose.
IN answer to Arriva spokeswoman in Wednesday's Echo on the disruption on Sunday's train, as a passenger of that train I would beg to differ.
I BEG to differ with GH West, from Kirkby (Letters, May 10), who condemns hospital food as disgusting.
Butcher said:"I've heard people say this is a horrible game for us at this time but I beg to differ.
As someone whose mother suffers with dementia and who often wanders off, I beg to differ.
In reply to Emma Bassey's letter (Viewpoints, March21) suggesting Vincent Black must be short of brain cells, I beg to differ as to who is short of the grey stuff.