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  • verb

Synonyms for beg



Synonyms for beg

to ask or ask for as charity

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for beg

call upon in supplication

make a solicitation or entreaty for something

dodge, avoid answering, or take for granted

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A I BEG to differ with the answer given by Pete Marshall (Nov 3).
I BEG to differ with the former Labour councillor for Fairwater whose letter appeared in Viewpoints (October 13).
IN REPLY to CW Byker (Vent Your Spleen, June 20), maybe pounds 20-pounds 25 does not sound like a lot of money for travel, but some pensioners, managing on the basic pension, would beg to differ.
Natural childbirth advocates beg to differ, and make some good points, including the benefits of not giving big drugs to tiny infants and the fact that birth is, after all, a natural occurrence -- albeit one that feels like being drawn and quartered.
However, I beg to differ with his statement that "Our Daily Bread Employment Center will be the first one-stop resource center for poor and homeless people in the Baltimore region" (NCR, Sept.
It is said that the devil has all the best tunes, but drinkers in a south Wales pub would beg to differ after a snake took over their jukebox.
I would beg to differ however, on the point that Mr.
Many people feel that optimization is less risky or less expensive than innovation, and I would beg to differ.
Administrators and subsidized activists beg to differ.
So when Peter Bainbridge proclaimed last week that Trevor Brooking is ace, the rest of us, in true Ray Wilkins style, said politely: "I beg to differ there.
His supporters beg to differ, and point to his blossoming association with Mark Johnston - which struck again when Miss Rosie landed the Happy 21st Birthday Rachel Shubotham Maiden Auction Stakes.
I beg to differ with the Newark MP, yet Prince Harry (incidentally ginger-haired) will escape Mercer's fate after that "Paki" and "raghead" video nasty.
WE KEEP being told that there is a global economic crisis and people won't be spending as much at Christmas as they tighten their belts but I beg to differ.
07), I know this is a popular opinion but I beg to differ.