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Synonyms for belfry

a bell tower


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a room (often at the top of a tower) where bells are hung

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1 [2003]), a duo, performed in Montreal (Montreal 2012), and Orledge's edition of unfinished stage works by Debussy: Le roi Lear, Le diable dans le beffroi, and La chute de la maison Usher (ser.
Creative Team Directed by Franco Dragone Didier Antoine - Aerial Conceptor Carmen Arbues Miro - Makeup Designer Jacky Beffroi - Underwater Designer Michel CrE[logical not]te - Production Designer Dirk Decloedt - Assistant Director and Video Content Designer John Gilkey - Clown Conceptor Benoit Jutras - Composer and Music Director Daniel Leon - Sound Designer Dacha Nedorezova - Aquatic Choreographer Giuliano Peparini - Choreographer Jean Pochoy - Associate Artistic Director Claude Renard - Costume Designer Claude Santerre - Theatre Designer and Stage Designer of the "PiE ce Montee" Koert Vermeulen - Lighting Designer
Well-wishers hung from balconies above shops, waving flags, and shouts of congratulations could be heard in English and French as the parade made its way to the Town War Memorial, the Beffroi, where Prince Charles laid a wreath in honour of those who were killed.
The crowd, standing five deep ringing the square and surrounding streets, broke into applause which continued as the Prince walked the 50 yards to the city's medieval Beffroi Cenotaph.
Creative Team Directed by Franco Dragone Production Design by Michel CrA*te Costume Designer - Claude Renard Composer and Music Director - BenoA[R]t Jutras Theatre Designer and Stage Designer of the PiA[umlaut]ce MontA[c]e - Claude Santerre Underwater Designer - Jacky Beffroi Assistant Director and Designer of Video Content - Dirk Decloedt Lighting Designer - Koert Vermeulen Sound Designer - Daniel LA[c]on Associate Artistic Director - Jean Pochoy Clown Conceptor - John Gilkey Choreographer - Giuliano Peparini Aerial Conceptor - Didier Antoine Aquatic Choreographer - Dacha Nedorezova Collaborator to Flying Act Development - Philippe Chartrand Make-up Designer - Carmen Arbues Miro Download the visual of "Le RA*ve" on www.