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Carrots early harvest of 2016 - 1850 kg, carrot harvest of 2015 - 7350 kg, carrot harvest of 2016 - 6500 kg, beetroot early harvest of 2016 - 1100 kg, beets harvest 2015 - 8310 kg beet harvest in 2016 Year - 6350 kg, onion harvest in 2015 8 200 kg, onion harvest 2016 6500 kg, green onion harvest 2016 - 180 kg, garlic crop 2015 420 kg, garlic crop 2016 - 460 kg
Drain beets and artichoke hearts, reserving 1/4 cup liquid from each.
Fertiliser prices have increased by 33% and Farmers are requesting a 12% price increase for supplying one tonne of beets to factories.
Beets are the perfect addition to bountiful fall feasts.
Remove the tops and the roots of the beets and peel each one with a vegetable peeler.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News: "If the sugar beets cultivation increased and farmers and government focus for the promotion of the sugar production, it will help multiply factory's production.
Summary: The government has renewed an agricultural subsidy on sugar beets that was revoked 12 years ago, but critics are questioning the timing and whether the bulk of the support will reach the embattled farmers or benefit vested political and economic interests.
but riot: soggy, and feed beets lightly with an organic fertilizer when tops are a few inches tall.
Beets can be planted early, harvested at any stage of their growth cycle, and do not require back-cramping labor at harvest time.
Once sugar beets are harvested and stored for processing, they start to decay, which lowers their sucrose levels.
The whole point of growing sugar beets is to produce sugar.
Indeed, the first signs of this approach were seen in 2011 when BEF started cultivating sugar beets.
To improve the situation the Government of Kyrgyzstan takes steps to increase the interest of rural producers to increase plantings of sugar beets for a maximum load of processing enterprises: an annual improvement of conditions of contracts concluded by sugar factories and beet farmers; mutual settlement with beet farmers for received and processed beets without taking into account sugar in them.
Growing sugar beets, transforming them into sugar, and various applications of the pulp left after the sugar has been removed--depleted beet, perhaps--are explored by scientists from the many places sugar beets are grown.
USDA approved genetically engineered modified sugar beets about five years ago and they now account for 95 percent of the U.