betel nut

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seed of betel palm

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Alas today in my beloved Glasgow, I see not red beetle nut underfoot but chewing gum.
99, all from Woolworths; EASY: A pre-lit black tree from John Lewis, pounds 90; GOING NUTS: Beetle nut vases, pounds 2.
Bhattarai is fond of chewing beetle nut, a habit he began as a student in India, but fighting against illiteracy and alleviation of poverty of the Nepalese people are Bhattarai's long-term leadership goals.
Well placed sources told Saturday that Indian intelligence agency RAW has started providing financial assistance to Taliban through alcohol and beetle nut (chalia) under Afghan trade to use them to serve its nefarious designs while they were earlier being assisted through drug trafficking.
The DC-Central, Dr Saif informed the Commissioner that during past six months, in a comprehensive campaign against producers of gutka (an extremely hazardous cocktail of beetle nuts, tobacco and other chemical goods) 2,712 maunds of it was confiscated and destroyed while 100 people engaged in the business were arrested.