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German composer of instrumental music (especially symphonic and chamber music)

the music of Beethoven

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WHEN der Beethoven died in 1827, he was eulogized in language that suggested much more than the passing of a remarkable man--or even the passing of a man looked upon as aesthetically supreme in his art.
Received by the Romantics as a Prometheus who brought the fire of his art to benefit humanity despite great personal suffering, Beethoven soon enjoyed an undisputed ethical authority the like of which has seldom been seen in the West.
Beethovens Orchestermusik und Konzerte is the first volume in a six-volume set of books that the publisher's Web site claims is "the most comprehensive Beethoven-Panorama of all time.
Today I am quite certain that Beethoven intended A[?
At that time, Beethoven viewed his piano concertos primarily as platforms for his own performance; this led him to maintain a certain improvisatory flexibility in the soloist's part and, like other composers of the era, to withhold the works from publication for unusually long periods of time.
Although the Beethoven Forum lacks the formal theme of its Nebraska predecessor and exhibits a somewhat unimaginative organization by genre (orchestral and concerto, piano sonata, and string quartet) rather than by topic, one can be grateful that all these essays are important additions to the literature of the works and issues they treat and offer an impressive variety of critical, analytical, source, and documentary material.
Franz Liszt, cantata Zur Sakularfeier Beethovens, engraver's copy for the edition published by C.
Zur Widmung von Beethovens Missa solemnis," in Altes im Neuen: Festschrift Theodor Gollner zum 65.
Jonathan Del Mar's achievement in single-handedly producing a source-critical edition of all the Beethoven symphonies for Barenreiter is considerable.
Beethoven Sketchbooks, 545; Landon, Haydn: The Years of "The Creation, "190.
Joachim Kaiser, Beethovens 32 Klaviersonalen und ihre Interpreten (Frankfurt am Main: Fischer, 1984; various printings), 508-9.
There also is Herbert von Karajan's recording from 1962 that became part of his first recorded Beethoven symphony cycle.
The book's imaginative illustrations by Marie Rosetti, who lives in Pacific Palisades, fuel the tale of Beethoven and his unruly wig, which seems to take on a life of its own.
This new volume in the complete works of Ludwig van Beethoven, which the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn began to issue through Henle in 1961, contains a miscellany of works for piano and one other instrument.