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German composer of instrumental music (especially symphonic and chamber music)

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More debatable is whether the idee fixe in the Symphonie fantastique is an explicit instance of Beethovenian first-theme "heroic subjectivity" (p.
At first hand, the range of persons and movements that have sought legitimacy and prestige by claiming special rapport between themselves and this Beethovenian universe are the main substance of this book.
So astonishing are their multi-layered abilities that they added Beethovenian intensity to Haydn's Op.
Powerful and surging with energy but always cleanly detailed, it rode the sudden crescendos, explosive episodes and plaintive melodies in true Beethovenian fashion.
Woodwind and horns floated their lines deliciously in the andante, and in the famous contrapuntal riches of the finale Honeck found a prophetically Beethovenian force of accent.
The third movement is a truly profound adagio, with a stunning Beethovenian modulation to an exotic foreign key for its stirring middle section.
Citing examples from the French symphonic repertoire of the period, Hart focuses first on d'Indy's passionate defense of the genre as an important part of French music and a continuation of the Beethovenian tradition Opposition to d'Indy came chiefly from Debussy and his followers who proclaimed that French music should not employ Germanic forms.
The adoption of "period"-style playing has enabled the use of large, almost Beethovenian forces in these masterpieces, but the smaller, Salzburg-sized ensemble (as here) is equally valid, and what we heard from this compact band were light, airy textures where string detail told with clarity and woodwind timbres could make unforced eloquent points.
Beethovenian in style, his introvert nature counted against him in his career, but once again we have here a fine work in the Hyperion Romantic Piano Concerto series.
On display among these citations are the most prominent twentieth-century specialists in reception history, whether operatic or symphonic, Verdian or Beethovenian, German, French, or Italian.
The Kreutzer's first movement whips along with Beethovenian fire; the second provides amiable relief, and the third begins with an A major chord and, whoosh, they're off again in a violent tarantella.
Hummel's Trumpet (Concerto, far better known at present than anything else he wrote, is certainly a curious blend: its outer movements rattle along as cheerfully as those of Haydn's piece for the same instrument (intended for the same soloist), but its middle movement is shot through with Beethovenian pathos wholly unlike anything in the Haydn.
Zehetmair might have called up a little too much from the brass in the Adagio, but the point was well made about those startling Beethovenian contrasts.
He tries to salvage such music by positing the alchemical, Beethovenian magic of Zahlenverhaltnisse as a force from which music can and must be liberated, so as to reveal another order of mystery--one in which music becomes the medium of pure interiority:
I had no way of knowing that her peculiar rigor as a performer derived from an aesthetic whose hallmark was exfoliating variation, in which repetition, a sort of meditative fixation on one or two small patterns, and an almost total absence of developmental (in the Beethovenian sense) tension were the key elements.