Ludwig van Beethoven

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German composer of instrumental music (especially symphonic and chamber music)

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Other scientists who have studied Beethoven's hair, as well as skull fragments said to be from the composer (they are on long-term loan to the Beethoven center), are just beginning to examine Reiter's methodology.
Cut from Beethoven's head the day after he died by the eleven-year-old Ferdinand von Hiller, this framed locket achieved fame through the book Beethoven's Hair by Russell Martin, which traced its provenance well into the twentieth century when it was given to a Danish doctor who helped an unidentified Jewish man escape from Nazi Germany.
Scientists are combing through Beethoven's hair to unlock the great composer's secrets.
The judges for the nonfiction award were memoirist Beverly Donofrio, the author of Looking for Mary (featured in the Discover program in 2000); Russell Martin, the author of books on various subjects including Beethoven's Hair (also a Discover selection in 2000); and award-winning journalist Roger Rosenblatt.
1808-10, and the famous lock of hair immortalized by Russell Martin in his book, Beethoven's Hair (New York: Broadway Books, 2000).