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a yellow to brown wax secreted by honeybees to build honeycombs

cover with beeswax

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The university's Dr Stephen Buckley and Dr Jo Fletcher used the latest equipment, along with ingredients such as bees wax and resins, to preserve Mr Billis.
The pieces here are largely mixed-media compounds of collage, oil paint, pencil, and bees wax, among other materials, and they are even more eccentric.
The colour formulations are enriched with organic essence of grape-seed oil, natural ectoin and precious bees wax, and are more than 90% naturally derived.
Artists frequently polish the wood with bees wax, shoe polish, or line seed oil for a glossy finish.
By using the purest vegetable extracts, distilled water, oils and butters from oily seeds and fruits, the best animal by-products such as milk, honey and bees wax, eco-cosmetics has developed a skincare system that is 100 percent natural and effective.
HONEY Light honey 2x 1lb jars: 1 Mr D Shannon, 2 Mr D Shannon, 3 Mr G Francis; medium honey 2x 1lb jars: 1 Mr D Shannon; dark honey (heather barred) 2x 1lb jars: 1 Mr D Shannon; heather honey 2x 1lb jars: 1 Mr D Shannon; soft set or granular honey 2x 1lb jars: 1 Mr D Shannon; bottle sweet mead: 1 Mr D Shannon; bottle dry mead: 1 Mr D Shannon; cake of wax (12 - 16 oz): 1 Mr D Shannon; two bees wax candles: 1 Mr D Shannon; honey fruit cake: 1 Mrs W Perry, 2 Mr S Hill, 2 Mr G Francis; Best in Show Honey: Mr D Shannon, Doncaster.
The brand also encompasses a bees wax product, a leave-in conditioner, and a moisture gel and spray.
Out goes the Jif, sorry Cif, and in comes the newspaper and vinegar for cleaning windows, bees wax for furniture and washing soda and half a lemon with salt for cleaning pots and pans.
Pieces are coated with terra sigalatta prior to biscuit firing, and then are pol-ished with bees wax.
It contains curcuma extract, natural gums, natural fragrance oils, bees wax and petroleum jelly.
She put on a cream base, followed by yellow ochre, then finally polished the walls with bees wax.