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a drip mat placed under a glass of beer

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It's marginally better than having his image adorn a beermat, like poor Dylan Thomas.
She held the reg aloft for the press pack and laughed: "Looks like the beermat will be staying in the windscreen.
On leaving he got a job at the former John Quarmby beermat factory in Milnsbridge but quickly realised it was not for him.
The front of the beermat shows a footballer on his knees celebrating scoring a goal, with the words: "He scores.
SCHOOLCHILDREN being woken by rowdy revellers leaving pubs in Coventry have launched a beermat campaign appealing to drinkers to curb their noise.
Greengables, whose only previous victory was at the same track last year, made most under 3lb claimer Robbie Dunne to run out a 12-length winner of the 2m2f handicap hurdle at 12-1 for trainer Aidan Howard and the four-member Beermat Syndicate from near Navan.
THE business experts on Dragons' Den didn't get where they are today by giving their money to any old deluded would-be entrepreneur with a halfbaked idea for a new product and a business plan sketched out on the back of beermat.
None of which is of any consolation to the good citizens of Middlesbrough as they come to terms with uncertain prospects for 2008 and that civic insult of deluded boffins who measure living standards on the back of a fag packet or a beermat.
Any towering froth is determinedly sliced off with a large spatula, the base of the glass is dipped in cold water, pressed onto absorbent paper and placed on a beermat, all in one movement and before your very eyes.
The reason we should all love trainspotters is that, against all the stream of derision, they still exist, and like the followers of any hobby from beermat collectors to cyclists, do so simply because they enjoy it and quite selfishly refuse to be persuaded otherwise.
They think it may be because there's a beermat on their battered transit where a tax disc should be.
I think we drew up the cashflow forecast on the back of a beermat - although we printed it up properly for our funding application
Challenging their opinions of the business world - and themselves - was Mike Southon, a company start-up specialist and co-author of the best-selling book The Beermat Entrepreneur.
Jackpot winner, Peter Gillan, is to be used as part of a poster and beermat campaign to try and revive Lottery sales.
The reason for the name check is that this was the very pub the show's creators sat in the early '80s, writing the idea for a sitcom set in space on the back of a beermat.