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English writer and caricaturist (1872-1956)

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Benson's productions of Shakespeare were certainly seen by far more people than those of Irving, Beerbohm Tree, Poel or Granville Barker and therefore, arguably, can be considered to have had a significant impact on the nationwide popularisation of Shakespeare.
The summer between third and fourth year, a friend of mine, who was also a friend of his, looked after his apartment for a few weeks: a second-floor Hunter Street walk-up with high ceilings, grooved hardwood, and great tall windows--and books, so many books: Camus and Gide, Joyce and Henry James; Beerbohm, Dreiser, Mann; Proust and Apollinaire; Borges and Burroughs and both the Bowles; the collected works of Samuel Beckett, Nabokov's Pnin and Pale Fire; and on the arm of a chair, with a luggage tag marking its place, Henry Miller's Tropic of Capricorn.
Actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree played Higgins in Pygmalion and also directed the production, which opened at His Majesty's Theatre on April 11, 1914.
Gabelman cites a tale by Max Beerbohm in which a "dissolute" old rake puts on the mask of a saint to win the heart of a good woman and later finds that his real face has changed to conform to the mask.
In this connection, perchance, acquaintanceship with Sir Max Beerbohm will--after the manner of a celebrated beer commercial--reach parts others cannot reach.
Besides the books, Koc owns a charming portrait of Wilde by Max Beerbohm.
My ending makes money, you ought to be grateful," protested the theatre's owner, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.
that I have been influenced by less fashionable people that nobody mentions--Max Beerbohm and Richard Hughs [sic] and maybe, since this is all in the family below the MDixon line, by some of the walled-in monsters of Mr.
The other featured novelists are Nathaniel West, Djuna Barnes, and Samuel Beckett, with Oscar Wilde, Max Beerbohm, Aldous Huxley, and James Joyce also figuring prominently in the introductory chapters.
The first theatre at the current site was built by Herbert Beerbohm Tree in 1897 while the task of designing was undertaken by Charles J.
This paper seeks to draw attention to the depiction or, more properly, performance of Catholicism in the late-nineteenth century by drawing on the examples of the legitimate productions of Henry Irving's Lyceum Much Ado about Nothing (1882), and Henry VIII (1892), Herbert Beerbohm Tree's Hamlet at the Haymarket (1892), and the touring Romeo and Juliet of Frank Benson (1898-1899).
Also on display in the same room used by BMI's administrator, is a sketch signed by its subject, the English actor and theatre manager Mr H Beerbohm Tree (1852-1917) who had been playing Hamlet.
Max Beerbohm, Max Beerbohm's Letters to Reggie Turner, ed.
In his study of Max Beerbohm (1972), John Felstiner observed that cosmetics had been condemned by satirists, from Juvenal to Pope, as a frivolous artifice suitable for the demimonde of actresses and whores, dandies and sexual deviants.
The painting, titled "Industrial Environment of Rochester High School," had been completed in 1938 by Marvin Beerbohm as part of the WPA Federal Art Project.