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a bottle that holds beer

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In addition to beer bottles, these sizes have been used for other purposes like jar and package labeling.
com/exclusives/2014/06/taylor-swift-trespassers-rhode-island-beer-bottles-arrested/) Radar Online reported three Connecticut locals have been arrested because of their misdemeanor after they reportedly threw beer bottles at Swift's home and told her security guards, "F*ck You
There was a confrontation and France swung his beer bottle which struck Mr Yau on the forehead.
Based on a vintage beer bottle label, this personalised framed design has a lovely retro feel to it and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "That beer's got my name on it.
A German unicycling enthusiast has broken the Guinness World Record for riding a unicycle along a line of beer bottles.
The monks have created a complex of around 20 buildings using the beer bottles, and they are encouraging the local authorities to send them more.
Married Mr Singh, who works as a diecaster, said: "They just banged my head with a beer bottle.
As the share of beer sold the Ukraine in PET packaging increased and that of beer bottles shrinks, Carlsberg and Scottish & Newcastle-controlled OJSC Slavutich Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Plant is set to capitilise on this usually lower priced beer market segment.
If you turned to go anywhere, you either bumped into a shirtless Sierra or tripped over broken beer bottles or fell into some kind of dagger collection or big hair flair.
Sinister, microscopic bugs are rife - in fact, they're on everything we handle, from beer bottles to hairbrushes.
The students produced the puppets using beer bottles.
The GNWT has entered into an agreement with Brewers' Distributors Limited of Alberta that enables all refillable beer bottles to be transported to Brewers Distributors for reuse.
of China, a maker of beer bottles, for about $9 million.
Ron Werner has collected 11,644 unduplicated beer bottles since 1982.
California Speedway fans didn't throw quite as many beer bottles and soda cans at Gordon's No.