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a farmer who keeps bees for their honey

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The hives belonged to beekeeper Wainsworth Brown, who set up a video recording system to hopefully capture whoever was trespassing on his land and stealing his bees.
They will not leave it and continue to warm it, and then they can stay out of food, the beekeeper warns.
The organisation will allow beekeepers to exchange their expertise and skills and to promote the industry given its anticipated role in organising beekeeping profession in collaboration with the governmental entities and other relevant bodies.
The number of beekeepers in the country is difficult to assess, but a conservative estimate is that there are 30,000 in England and Wales.
The Pollination Expansion Program will increase pollination capacity in our province while supporting our Island beekeepers and crop producers.
The British Beekeepers Association's (BBKA) survey revealed beekeepers in England produced an average 23.
This will give you a better understanding of what you are asking more experienced beekeepers to do for you when you reach out to them for support.
According to the beekeepers, three types of honey are produced in Oman, which are known as Al Sumor, Al Sedar and Flower.
Two observation hives will be the main attraction brought along by the beekeepers.
This is the assessment of foreign experts and beekeepers that stayed in Delcevo as part of the Erasmus + program by the EU--"Live and let bee".
The 4-day market is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in cooperation with the PDO with the participation of 40 beekeepers from different governorates of the Sultanate.
Blackburn, an omnipresent raconteur in Los Angeles, comes from, as he calls it, "a long line of beekeepers.
But to maintain healthy hives and achieve high profitability in this sector, local authorities need to provide beekeepers with the needed support, especially after a drop in honey production this year by over 50 percent as reported by beekeepers in Rashaya.
She said: "This new partnership with Huddersfield and District Beekeepers Association has initially three hives on site but this is expected to rise to eight shortly.