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In election years, most Democratic presidential contenders don't even bother to visit the Beehive State.
Drive around the Beehive State and you'll see the legacy of those early Mormon roots.
Leavitt, a two-term Republican, has proclaimed that the Beehive State ``will no longer subsidize urban sprawl'' - at least as a deliberate strategy.
About 20,000 residents of the Beehive State swarmed to the attractive facility on September 19 to hear the state-of-the-art Bose sound system and to see the 12,000 seats and 40 luxury suites in the oblong, double-concoursed facility.
Manufacturing jobs in the Beehive State do not fit with a stereotypical image of a row of blue-collar workers manning an assembly line in a darkened, dirty and cavernous plant, putting together a product by hand.
Indeed, Trump might be in real trouble in the Beehive State, with its six electoral votes potentially up for grabs.
This is the time for Republicans across the spectrum to unite behind Ted Cruz," Romney says in the call for the Beehive State.
This growth will enable individuals training for careers in healthcare to more easily secure rewarding employment both in and outside of the Beehive state.
A writer and business owner in Salt Lake City, O'Reilly admits that the stories about The Beehive State are not so different from those found in other states of the western US, but there are some as distinctive as the rock formations, the salty lake, and the unique settlement history.
Besides creating a regional center of "manufacturing excellence" in the Beehive State, the new facility in Smithfield will enable Paragon to take advantage of the workforce skill set in the area as well as support the growing orthopedic and medical device manufacturing market on the West Coast.
That's when the Orem Daily Journal, a 24- to 32-page afternoon broadsheet, plans to hit the streets, becoming just the seventh daily in the Beehive state.
We profiled the Candwich in 2010 in an occasional feature story we like to call "Unexpected Neighbors," which looks at some of the unique or quirky companies that pop up in the Beehive State.
Utah Money Center is one of the leading lending companies in the Beehive State.
Utah has the strictest temperance laws in the United States and a strong Mormon influence over culture and daily life, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood royalty from flocking to the Beehive State each year for two weeks of film and fun.