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officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch

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But now the fascinating history of the Beefeaters of the Tower of London is to be captured for ever.
About Beefeaters For over 25 years, Beefeaters has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of dog treats, with a full line of dog-food treats, rawhide-treats and chews.
She said she became the victim of "prolonged and subtle harassment" from a number of male Beefeaters which had been a "horrible, isolating experience".
A FORMER governor of the Tower of London who said he was sacked for standing up to Beefeater bullies lost his tribunal yesterday.
Since our inception, rawhide has been a staple in the Beefeaters family.
Another Beefeater is also under investigation over alleged harassment of Moira Cameron, who in 2007 became the first Yeoman Warder in 522 years, according to newspaper reports.
I ended up a Beefeater purely by chance," says John, 59, who had been in the Army since he was 16, serving in the Royal Signals.
Customized Social media pages to showcase updates and promotional offers available exclusively from the Beefeaters online shop.
THE Tower of London is to have its first woman Beefeater since the guard was formed 522 years ago.
Our distinct new logo and packaging will strengthen our core branding to help better serve customers for years to come," says Kehila Aguilar, Marketing Manager at Beefeaters.
He said he discovered Beefeaters giving unofficial tours of the Tower, including the Crown Jewels, and was told about illegal raffles, cannabis growing and the sub-letting of accommodation to young female tourists.
The Tower's Yeoman Warders date back to 1485 and their nickname Beefeaters is thought to derive from the daily ration of meat they received.
And with 157 Beefeaters to choose from, there's bound to be one near you.
All the restaurants offer atmospheric dining in beautiful surroundings and to make Beefeaters even more appealing they have just launched an exciting new menu to tempt the taste buds.
It also grouped 400 large food-led Brewers Fayre pubs in its restaurants division together with 250 Beefeaters and 220 Pelican sites.