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a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients

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The number of multiple retailers and independent butchers who now sell beefburgers featuring the British Meat Quality Standard for Beefburgers Mark is increasing all the time and the posters are a reminder that not only are British beefburgers safe to eat, but they are also delicious and ideal for barbecues.
Taylor Nelson AGB Superpanel puts the beefburger and grill market's current value at 86.
Try 45oz of pure beefburger with cheddar, crispy bacon, onion rings and fat chips with the aptly named Fun in a Bun burger.
Anita Hemmings with Roy Smith from Linden Homes and the home made out of sausages and beefburgers |
The beefburgers in question are a new product to WCBC School Catering Service and have never been served on our menu previously.
It began with beefburgers, which started flying off the shelves at the outbreak of the scandal.
Kobayashi is also in the Guinness Book of Records for his feats with huge piles of meatballs, beefburgers and pasta.
UK: British retail giant Tesco said Wednesday it has axed an Irish beef supplier which sparked a food scare after horse DNA was found in beefburgers in Britain and Ireland, where horse meat consumption is taboo.
The figures emerged following scandals about the presence of horse meat traces in supermarket beefburgers and revelations about a cancer-causing drug used to treat horses entering the food chain.
LONDON -- Burger King has ditched an Irish supplier of beef that is at the center of a food scare after horse meat was discovered in beefburgers sold in Britain and Ireland, where it is deemed to be a taboo.
John Matthews Rhondda Cynon Taf Green Party THE discovery of pig and horse meat in beefburgers is scandalous but unsurprising.
Five children in hospital after eating beefburgers - German discount chain Lidl withdraws "Steaks Country" line - No link to German E.
It includes Scottish salmon in a watercress and bechamel sauce with soft cheese, Chardonnay and shallots; and British beefburgers with a pepper melt.
A MAN accused of criminal damage to pounds 5 beefburgers walked free from court after the charge against him was dropped.
When they went on stage we decided to put beefburgers in their shoes and water in their socks