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ribbonlike flatworms that are parasitic in the intestines of humans and other vertebrates

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The pork tapeworm can get into your brain and have a terrible effect but the beef tapeworm is pretty benign.
Human cestode infections Stage seen Species In man Common name Disease Taenia saginata Adult Beef tapeworm Rarely symptomatic Taenia solium Adult Pork tapeworm Rarely symptomatic Larva Cysticercosis Brain and tissue cysts Taenia multiceps Larva Bladderworm, Brain and eye cysts coenurosis E.
Other symptoms include tummy ache and a feeling of nausea that's relieved by eating, and people with beef tapeworm may also get an itchy bottom.
We then saw biologist Mike Leahy swallow "a living cyst" - the young form of a beef tapeworm.