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They regularly eat invertebrates such as earthworms and insect pupae, and carrion and other waste, and will concentrate on energy-rich foods such as acorns, beechmast or olives (or agricultural crops) when these are available.
Whether its spiky chestnuts, winged fruits on sycamores and maples, beechmast, or acorns on oaks, the seeds of tomorrow's forests are poised, ready to take their chances in the lottery that will determine which of them develops to produce fruit of their own.
Artists such as Theodor von Hormann, Prince Eugene, the Pole Antonin Slavicek and later Klimt himself, painted sombre, secretive pinewoods, beechwoods with trees standing in rich red beechmast around quiet pools, and birch forests, whose white and silver light was cleverly evoked.
Our visitors breed in the Norwegian taiga around the Arctic Circle, feeding on beechmast in late summer, but the failure of the crop can lead to mass movements west.