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Perry Beeches II, based in the Jewellery Quarter, owed almost PS100,000, Perry Beeches III, in Lee Bank, owed PS245,000 and Perry Beeches V, in Small Heath, a sum of PS130,000.
The Beeches is tucked away in a peaceful location in a child-safe cul-de-sac, with a bank of mature trees bounding the development on the east and future landscaping planned on the west.
Dad James Beeches, 36, claimed he was making a "citizen's arrest" on January 25 after Danielle McLoughlin, 25, picked pounds 160 from the Corus worker's pocket.
This is less than the other New Zealand beeches but more than many of the softwood species used in New Zealand (Table 3).
European beeches grow into tall, rounded beauties from Virginia to Massachusetts and as far west as Ohio.
Although cutting into the live cambium hurts the trees to some extent, most beeches survive the wounds, if not the indignation.
MR NOLAN said: "There are 450 people working in Perry Beeches and of which a third are connected in some way, from husbands and wives to brothers and sisters.
Perry Beeches in Great Barr was threatened with closure five years ago amid poor exam results when Liam Nolan took over.
James Beeches pleaded guilty at Teesside Crown Court to kidnap and possession of an offensive weapon.
American beech is Fagus grandifolia, while European beeches are from the species Fagus sylvatica and weigh slightly less than their American counterparts.
The past dissolves in the dappled sunlight of the here and now and a breeze that rustles through a grove of oaks and beeches.
Reid says this suggests beeches may have a slective advantage over maples in the future.
PERRY Beeches "superhead" Liam Nolan has come out fighting after a damning financial inquiry raised a host of questions.
Liam Nolan, head at Perry Beeches School in Great Barr, Birmingham, has been appointed a National Leader in Education (NLE) to share the secrets of his success with struggling schools across the country.
South American cherry wood belongs to the group of trees known as the southern beeches, so named because Fagus means beech, and Nothofagus refers to beeches of the southern hemisphere.