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Synonyms for ambrosia

a mixture of nectar and pollen prepared by worker bees and fed to larvae


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any of numerous chiefly North American weedy plants constituting the genus Ambrosia that produce highly allergenic pollen responsible for much hay fever and asthma

fruit dessert made of oranges and bananas with shredded coconut

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(classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods

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Mean number ([+ or -] SE) of larval Aethina tumida produced after access to different commercial honey bee pollen supplements for 30 d.
Bee pollen is rich in rutin specific bioflavanoid that strengthens blood vessels, regulates cholesterol and supports circulation.
Therefore the product prepared by bees is called bee pollen or corbicular pollen (Rodriguez, 2012).
A teaspoon of unadulterated bee pollen which he places under the tongue and allowed to dissolve, before swallowing it; or it may be added to the smoothies, shakes or salads;
based company describes the available recipes: Brussels Sprouts Salad Grilled Toast, using flavorful ingredients such as smoky bacon, fried Brussels sprouts and zesty lemon atop new, thinly-sliced Crusty Sports Bread; Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast with Figs and Honey using local ingredients, including honey and bee pollen, to leverage the farm-to-table trend; and Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast using a base of multigrain Farmhouse Country Loaf is loaded with a multitude of ingredients, including flax seeds, banana chips, apple pieces and toasted soy grits.
Bee pollen is used orally as well as topically to promote diuresis, stimulate appetite, improve stamina and athletic performance, and aid in weight loss and the control of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), diarrhea, and constipation.
Bee pollen is something very precious that is often discarded by bee-keepers in Bahrain.
com best-seller is their very own NO3URISH, an all-natural Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer that rejuvenates the skin with nature's most efficient healing agents: Jojoba oil, Ozone, Beeswax, and nutrient-dense bee pollen, which nourishes cells and tissues and prevents premature aging.
Options included a savoury and sweet tribute to Arabia with flavours of saffron, rose water, dates, cardamom, cumin, pistachios, bee pollen and caraway seeds informing the extensive Afternoon Tea creations.
Bee pollen is given to children by mothers in order to strengthen their immune systems.
I tried the bee pollen over my porridge, and cacao nibs with pudding.
Among the topics are heat and mass transfer and energy aspects in combined infrared-convective drying of bee pollen, the interpretation of a marker experiment conducted during the formation of a higher oxide on the surface of a lower oxide, morphological evolution in hetero-epitaxial thin film structures at the nanoscale, effects of mechanical alloying on the structure and properties of iron powders, and the direct numerical simulation of the pressure drop through structured porous media.
The products contain honey, bee pollen extract and other natural ingredients, including antioxidants and vitamins.