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a member of a nomadic tribe of Arabs


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It is a dream come true for the Beduin population as solar energy will provide fixed sources of income and economic benefit to the Beduin in the Negev.
The gene, LEPREL1, was identified in studies conducted within a southern Israeli Beduin tribe led by Prof.
Summary: Egypt launched a massive military operation on Sunday to stop al-Qaida and Beduin terrorists and to restore order to the Sinai Peninsula, which fell into anarchy following the revolution in the country earlier this year.
This substance contains glucose and protein and has been collected for generations by the Beduin, who call it man.
In her speech Ms Pillay also dwelt on the issue of stateless citizens, including hundreds of thousands of Beduin across the region, and called on all states to ratify two statelessness conventions, in addition to the convention on migrant workers.
In the first of a series of attempts to find strength and fortune outside, he spends a year teaching the Qur'an to Beduin children.
It issued 11 stop-work orders on all construction in the Beduin community of Khirbet Umm al-Kheir, which lies in the southern Hebron hills.
The Beduin were stunning--flowing robes in black and brown and cream, with flashes of red, agals like crowns.
Her companions are a dog, a rooster and cats which protect the old Beduin woman from snakes and other reptiles that lurk around her lonely home.
Others followed Ottoman/Turkish practice such as giving direct subventions to the beduin chiefs of the desert.
The series will be different than many other beduin drama series, where it will have great deal of action.
Loaded Dice, Beduin Jerry Can Band, Justin Adams+ Juldeh Camara Man, Bryn Fon, Sibrydion, Natacha Atlas, Huw Chiswell
This officer arrived at the Sayyid Ahmed's camp, and under his supervision, he dealt with organizing and training of al-Sanusiyah and Beduin tribal military forces in Turkish army's style.
There are the donkey C[pounds sterling]taxiC[yen] owners who have their designated patch to operate in and go no further lest they incur the wrath of another Beduin also trying to make a living.
In 1886, he commissioned Petrie to photograph and catalog the skulls "of different enemies and allies--Libyans, Hittites, Syrians, Nubians and Beduin [sic]--depicted on the walls of temples and tombs in Egypt" (Drower, Flinders Petrie 106).