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Synonyms for Bedouin

a member of a nomadic tribe of Arabs


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At length the bedu climbed down and pestered the camels with little sticks until they knelt.
If you can surpass them, you have taken an immense stride toward complete success, but the strain of living and thinking in a foreign and half-understood language, the savage food, strange clothes, and stranger ways, with the complete loss of privacy and quiet, and the impossibility of ever relaxing your watchful imitation of the others for months on end, provide such an added stress to the ordinary difficulties of dealing with the Bedu, the climate, and the Turks, that this road should not be chosen without serious thought.
Total production on Block 7 currently stands at between 22,000 and 23,000 b/d, but Bedu said output could be increased to as much as 30,000 b/d by 2008, largely in part to development of Santa Cruz.
The term bedu means nomadic, a lifestyle adapted to a desert environment, where pasture is sparse and quickly exhausted, and water is scarce.
We did consider bringing professional actresses, but they don't know the Bedu dialect, so we would have lost the language authenticity.
Message from Carol's Family Legendary blogger American Bedu has passed away.
Carol Fleming Al-Ajroush, the popular American blogger who chronicled Saudi society and covered expatriate issues as American Bedu, died yesterday following a battle with breast cancer.
Shaikh Zayed] had a great reputation among the Bedu," wrote Thesiger.
After drinking green coffee with cardamom in thimble cups, the sisters dressed Randa in Bedu clothes, Badria painted her hands and feet with henna flowers, leaves and tendrils, and Moza and Muna painted Randa's face like a zombie's, with immense black holes for eyes, and it struck her that if Badria could defy the head of her family, then surely a Palestinian, born to the crackle of gunfire and the crash of RPGs, could resist a mere boyfriend?
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has constantly called upon females all over the country, in the villages and the cities, in both urban and Bedu communities, in the hills and mountains, to lend their full support to the continuing development of their country.
We need to be interested in the immensely complex, multi-faceted history of Bahrain, with people from the sub-continent, Najdis, Howala, Ajam, Jewish, Siddi, Bedu, the numerous tribal families of these regions, to name only a few of the many significant communities that exist or existed.
Using Syrian government data, Wachholtz (1996) characterises this dry zone as 'steppe rangeland" essentially suitable only for grazing and visited by migratory Bedu.
For specialists in the esoteric, including Jean-Jacques Bedu, author of Codul da Vinci: Sursele Secrete (published by Paralela 45 in 2005) there is no doubt that Dan Brown was inspired by several popular works bearing especially on the apocryphal gospels, of which a number mention Christ's marriage and descendants.
On the one hand, Bedu ethics are very egalitarian; they are fiercely independent people.