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a member of a nomadic tribe of Arabs


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Sinai is Safe connects young Cairenes with the Bedouin of the south Sinai to explore the desert landscape, sandy mountains and wadis worlds away from Egypt's crowded cities.
Bahr said that the relocation of Bedouins will increase the daily suffering endured by the Palestinian people.
At the time, Israeli newspapers were full of articles describing highly controversial demolitions of Bedouin homes and villages, failed plans to resettle the Bedouin, and ongoing tensions between the Bedouin and the Israeli government.
The Bedouins and herders are at risk of forcible transfer, a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as multiple human rights violations.
Last summer, Israeli authorities in the occupied West Bank released a series of plans that would concentrate Bedouins in two places and destroy more than 20 of their current villages.
In a desert-like area set up inside the Heritage Village, the Bedouins make you envious of their quiet and simple life, far from the city's noise and urban confusions.
Ramallah: Israeli Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir has warned the regime of the challenges presented by its bedouin-Palestinian citizens, maintaining that it must ensure development for the bedouins, their incorporation into Israeli society, and lower their birth rate.
The Bedouin life there is different than it is in the cities, as Al Jiza is an area of stability for the sons of the desert while the cities are not inhabited by Bedouins mostly in summer.
Bedouins] place great importance on having a fire, keeping it alight and making sure they are always ready to make tea and coffee for their guests," said Allie Astell, who handles the Bedouin Way's marketing.
Bedouins led him to two temporary burial grounds where Bailey recorded and photographed at least 28 graves for little children.
A controversial Israeli plan to forcibly remove up to 70,000 Arab Bedouins from their historic desert land in the Negev has been scrapped, according to its architect Benny Begin.
Despite huge protests dubbed "the day of rage" and a widespread international outcry against the Prawer Plan - an Israeli law designed to "regulate" the resettlement of Bedouins in the Negev - the government believes that the vast majority of Bedouins support the plan .
In addition to their traditional homelands in Africa, the Bedouins have also had a presence in Israel.
Et cette negligence a eu ses consequences, car les bedouins ont ete un casse-tete pour le Caire, tout simplement parce qu'ils reclament leurs droits de citoyennete.
Bedouins who kidnapped a Singapore tourist in EgyptOs Sinai peninsula Friday released him Bedouins who kidnapped a Singapore tourist in EgyptOs Sinai peninsula Friday released him after several hours, a security source said.