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a member of a nomadic tribe of Arabs


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She said: "My experience with the Bedouins made such a fantastic impact on my life that I wanted others to have the opportunity to share it too.
Social work and traditional healing rituals among the Bedouin of the Negev, Israel.
After a white-knuckle descent of the dunes we were driving across the open plain, passing small herds of camel and sheep watched over by a single Bedouin.
Prior to 1948, the Negev Bedouin population was estimated at 65,000-90,000 (Falah, 1989; Maddrell, 1990).
Since the bill went to the Knesset, all sorts of parties - right, left, Arabs and Jews - with interests banded together while exploiting the plight of the Bedouin in the Negev to achieve political capital," he told reporters.
Dror Almog, who heads the implementation team for resettling the Bedouin, told Hretz that he believes that around 80 percent of the Bedouins who will be affected by the Prawer Plan support it.
Bedouin of Mount Sinai; an anthropological study of their political economy.
Israel approves a plan to settle tens of thousands of desert-dwelling Bedouin in permanent townships, triggering criticism from opponents who say it will displace many from their traditional lands.
Travel Business Review-January 14, 2013--Tour highlights Bedouin culture in Israel(C)2013] ENPublishing - http://www.
Le mot Bedu, singulier de bedouin, signifie en arabe [beaucoup moins que]habitant du desert[beaucoup plus grand que], bien qu'il puisse egalement etre utilise comme pluriel.
com)-- Tentickle Bedouin Tents International has announced the launch of its much anticipated “safety first” fire retardant tent fabric.
Summary: Bedouin tribesmen in the Sinai peninsula on Monday briefly detained 10 Fijians from the Multinational Force and Observers (FMO), which is charged with monitoring peace between Egypt and Israel.
12 (BNA) - The three South Koreans who were kidnapped by Bedouin tribesmen in Egypt were freed on Sunday.
Summary: CAIRO - The Bedouin tribes, who have reoccupied Al-Dabaa, a site near the City of Mersa Matrouh earmarked for the construction of a nuclear power station are threatening to fight to the death to resist any attempt by the security authorities to kick them off their land again, as happened 30 years ago.
Israel insists that unauthorized Bedouin homes in the Negev must be destroyed because they have no permits and have been built without basic infrastructures.