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Synonyms for sediment

Synonyms for sediment

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

Synonyms for sediment

matter that has been deposited by some natural process

deposit as a sediment

settle as sediment

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Runoff and bedload sediment data were available for an additional plot (Tr A) for years 1-4.
Two types of sediment traps were used for pilot studies to directly measure resuspended and bedload sediment fluxes.
Each tumbler load is nearly 70 cubic feet, more than a level bedload from a 3/4 ton pickup.
The bedload only gets moving when severe thunderstorms or snowmelts swell the river.
Analyzing bedforms mapped using multibeam sonar to determine regional bedload sediment transport patterns in the San Francisco Bay coastal system
KEY WORDS: Ruditapes philippinarum, bedload transport, shear stress, post-larval distribution, intertidal sandflat
Because soil loss was measured as bedload and suspended loads separately, the data can be used to build models for each component.
Spill over sand deposits on the eastern flank evidenced by large sandwaves indicate that the strongest currents occur on the flood and that net bedload sand transport is to the east up the bay.
Since the long-wave components of the ship waves arrive at the shore as a group of a few waves, this approach enables the study of the impact of virtually single waves on sediment transport processes (including net and bulk bedload transport of sediments by single wakes) in the coastal zone.
The magnitude of wave-induced bedload transport greatly exceeds that of the current-induced transport even at relatively large depths (8-10 m) in sea areas adjacent to Tallinn Bay (Kask 2003; Kask et al.
Thus, CWD appears to provide refuges for relatively fine sediment along a reach dominated by coarse bedload.
This change in the longitudinal profile of the stream gradient results in the deposition of bedload as a delta that progrades across the reservoir, and in the deposition of a significant portion of the suspended load as fine-grained sediments which settle in the distal portion of the reservoir (Gottschalk 1964; Petts 1984; Cogollo and Villela 1988).
1]) and bedload sediment transport rates, steep valleyside slopes which frequently merge into the channel without an intervening floodplain, and flow regimes in which large infrequent floods play an important role in valley-floor development (Newson & Macklin 1990; McEwen & Werritty 1988).
A simple model was applied to these data to estimate suspended and bedload sediment concentrations separately by Silburn (2011 ).
At the subtidal sites, observations made during sampling events suggest that these effects may have been the result of differential bedload transport of sediments into cages.