Bedlington terrier

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a light terrier groomed to resemble a lamb

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They will also keep the dog logo as it could prove to be a big selling point to the many dog clubs, especially Bedlington Terrier clubs in America.
Robert Rich - 488th richest man in the world and head of the Rich Corporation in America - is willing to listen to ideas to take Bedlington Terriers as far as they want to go.
Ms Baird's Bedlington Terrier, Zack, was voted Top Dog in the Westminster Dog of the Year Competition 2004.
Ears folding down over ear canals and hairy ear canals in Bedlington terriers can predispose them to infection.
Baarney, the Bedlington Terrier, is the official Spokesdog.
OWNERS of the renowned North East breed of Bedlington terrier got together yesterday for a charity dog walk.
Ms Baird said: "Only the other week Zack, my wonderful Bedlington terrier, emerged as a top dog after winning the Westminster Dog of the Year prize.
The project will examine five topic areas: Bedlington beginnings, employment and education, famous local figures, industry, and life and leisure - including the Bedlington terrier.
The project will look at the town's cultural and historic links with the 11th century St Cuthbert, the Industrial Revolution, the coal-mining industry and the world-famous Bedlington Terrier.
The three-year-old Bedlington terrier, whose Kennel Club name is scooped Best of Breed at worldrenowned dog show Crufts and left owner Craig Richardson beaming with pride.
And his influence helped the club bring in much-needed cash by getting a top New York design firm to promote their shirts and other merchandise around his baseball franchises, as well as Bedlington Terrier dog clubs which are huge in America.
Division One: Bedlington Terriers Reserves v Newcastle Chem-fica (Ind); Cullercoats v Birtley St Josephs; Hexham v North Shields Athletic; Newcastle Uni v Gosforth Bohs.
Staff from Bedlington Terriers were stunned to see a picture of their players tussling for the ball on the front page of iconic newspaper the New York Times.
Ebac Northern League, Division One (3pm): Billingham Town v Whitley Bay, Celtic Nation v Newcastle Benfield, Sunderland RCA v Bedlington Terriers.
Bedlington Terriers are around PS15,000 in debt to the firm and it is understood they will close if they cannot repay the money.