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a temporary associate

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a person with whom you share a bed

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Asked about a $10,000 contribution he had accepted from Hollywood Park Racetrack in 1994, the elder Sheldon replied, "Politics makes strange bedfellows.
That isn't the only odd meeting of minds under way between academic trendiness and religious fundamentalism (see "Dark Bedfellows," January).
Since the oil crisis of the early 1970s precipitated an `exogenous shock'[2] to the Western economy, green idealism and architecture have been fitful bedfellows.
I w' ItItIt w'' It seems w It seems we're a nation of unhappy happy n tion o un ppy if hcording to bedfellows.
Red Sox fanatic Jimmy Fallon and workaholic Drew Barrymore make strange bedfellows in ``Fever Pitch.
Speaking to an antigay crowd certainly leaves the impression that Scalia does not have an open mind and is, in fact, most comfortable hanging out with one set of ideological bedfellows," says Evan Wolfson, who unsuccessfully argued the gay rights case before the court in Dale v.
Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan is to abandon his testosterone-charged image to play a straight man who pretends to be gay, in a new Australian comedy called Strange Bedfellows.
It is difficult to imagine two less likely bedfellows than Cartier (the French jewelers) and the Yanomami (hunter-gatherers from Brazil), despite their shared interest in personal adornment.
Mike Nichols' smoothly satirical drama tells us nothing new about the mucky face of politicking and its uneasy bedfellows in the media but it's wittily scripted by Elaine May and sharply performed by a terrific ensemble cast.
bedfellows Everton also face Second Division opposition - admittedly at home - and yet they are quoted at a best price of 30-100 to see off Bristol Rovers, who have made an undefeated start to the season.
But his bedfellows the JFK have pledged to take the Government's money (pounds 129 million) away from Longbridge and spend it in inner-city areas instead.
The programme's cultural diversity is reflected in the architecture of individual buildings and over time this has thrown together some strange and slightly dislocated bedfellows -- for example Mario Botta's new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art jostles for attention in a Vitra-like tableau with Fumihiko Maki's low rise performance space and gallery.
The Harvey Norman survey of 1,400 people found many of us are cranky and sleep deprived, while many more are irritated by our bedfellows.
Ashton Kutcher, left, and Bernie Mac make strange bedfellows in ``Guess Who,'' a comic remake of ``Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'' that reverses the races.