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a furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodations (and some plumbing)

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We made the lounge into a big bed-sitting room for him and I had my own sitting room and bedroom.
Almost all bed-sitting room windows are set in walls clad in wood panelling.
The new home has 60 bed-sitting rooms with ensuite shower, toilet and washing facilities - 45 for those requiring nursing care, and 15 rooms in a separate specially-designed unit to meet the growing need to accommodate residents with dementia.
The Star and Garter Home, in Monks path Hall Road, will boast a total of 60 en-suite bed-sitting rooms.
Fr O'Toole said the cells are like small bed-sitting rooms.
Cabin-like bed-sitting rooms are very finely honed in tradition of Existenz Minimum.
The couple moved to City Road, Edgbaston, where they let bed-sitting rooms to overseas students.
When complete the accommodation will include seven distinct residential units incorporating bed-sitting rooms, shared kitchens, communal lounge and dining rooms and staff facilities.
And there is a wing of bed-sitting rooms in which a north/south central corridor is traversed by a zig-zag strip of individual chambers that open off internal communal areas connected to the central axis.