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a long-handled covered pan holding live coals to warm a bed

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Like the BedJet, Aqua Bed Warmer can be programmed to turn off once you're warm and cozy.
The Pet Bed Warmer helps prevent the potentially fatal circumstances of leaving a pet outdoors in the cold.
For thousands of years, people used handmade woolen blankets to ward off the cold - and started their evening's rest with either a bed warmer filled with coals from the fire or a hot-water bottle.
com, revealed the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London tops the weird list with their exclusive service of a Human Bed Warmer, News.
He is considered by many to be so cozy with the senior brass at National Defence as to be their official bed warmer, and there are concerns as to the extent of his continued participation as a reservist (it is supposed to be civilian oversight, after all).
Maybe Telluride, since those ski bottles like a bed warmer on cold nights.
Violet Mary Davies, 73, had retired early on the night of her death, but had mistakenly left her ageing bed warmer on and this started a small smouldering fire.
Her Warm A Pup and Warm A Bear are cuddly toys into which you insert an aromatherapy wheat bag - a lavender-scented hot compress which can be heated in the microwave and used as a soothing bed warmer or comforter as well as a treatment for muscular aches and pains and tension.
Rouleaux is a roll-up quilted silk bed warmer in silk and ultrasuede measuring 30 by 72 inches.
It relieves minor aches and pains, and is ideal as a neck, stomach, foot and bed warmer.
Sunbeam Pets Universal Bed Warmer and Warming Pet Pads have been designed to provide soothing comfort and warmth just like their pet parents have received from the Sunbeam bedding line.
Toby jugs,half-size toasting forks,fire bellows and brass bed warmers compete for space.
Doreen's family are warning others to be aware of the safety guidelines for the bed warmers, known as wheat bags.
London, Jan 18 (ANI): Guests putting up at the Holiday Inn in Britain will now be assured of a good night's sleep, for the hotel chain has employed human bed warmers.