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a chronic ulcer of the skin caused by prolonged pressure on it (as in bedridden patients)

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Dementia sufferer Ruffo Bravette was left critically ill, severely dehydrated and with bed sores after a two-week stay at Sunrise Senior Living in Edgbaston.
Malcolm, of Bedlington, died after he contracted septicaemia, which was believed to have come from a bed sore.
Matron Helen Hall, from Wansbeck General Hospital, told the inquest district nurses hadn't received a letter informing them about Malcolm's bed sore.
It is estimated one in five patients admitted to hospital will develop a bed sore, which, in severe cases, can be deadly.
Their probe concluded that Mr McCabe was found in creased bedding which was soaked in urine, and he had a severe bed sore on his left foot.
The beds already installed on the wards have solved all bed sore problems for patients and also made nursing a lot easier, too.
RELATIVES of a woman who died after being rushed to hospital with severe dehydration and a gaping bed sore have blasted a care home for the way she was treated.
The inquest heard that Mrs Black from Raheny in Dublin, was being treated in hospital for Alzheimer's but was then moved to Leas Cross nursing home, which said it provided bed sore treatment, on September 17, 2003, before she was transferred to Beaumont Hospital.
Pressure ulcers, also commonly referred to as bed sores, impact nearly 2.
They ensure regular movement while patients are in the bed to reduce bed sores, improve circulation, etc.
A NEW reporting system for bed sores will be rolled out across Wales' care homes to stop older people suffering neglect.
The high-frequency vibrations, which also treat bed sores, stimulate recovery and cut the need for drugs.
AN ACCLAIMED Welsh doctor wants to make it a statutory requirement for staff at nursing homes to report bed sores in the wake of alleged neglect at several South Wales care homes.
Jacqueline, 42, has spina bifida, which means she requires a specially-made electronic mattress which helps alleviate the pressure of bed sores.