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a furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodations (and some plumbing)

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Armed officers then stormed his bed sit, where they discovered an air rifle with a telescopic sight lying on his bed.
The sheltered housing scheme at Andrew Court has 12 one-bed roomed flats and 11 bed sits.
A combination of the ready availability of flats and bed sits, the action of some landlords and the use of hotels and guest houses to accommodate people from outside the area with drug, alcohol and mental health problems has created these very problems along a considerable part of the North Wales Coast.
The diagram shows that the bed sits on a ring of narrow vents in the base of the heated vessel.
Supplied in packs of two these low cost detectors are a must for homes, offices, bed sits, caravans, hotel rooms, greenhouses etc etc.
Tragically, much of the private provision are bed sits, doss houses, squalid lodgings.
Minimal, conceptual, and made entirely of Plexiglas except for its cushion, a dog bed sits enthroned at the and of the exhibition, the perfect culmination of the history of modern, postmodern, and contemporary art, by way of the economy of fashion, Sol LeWitt's cubes, Dan Graham's glass pavilions, and the relational aesthetic.
The deck, or surface, of the Onyx Bed sits 3" from the floor without casters and 7" with standard casters.